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Japanese version of New Three Kingdoms For Honor wins the fourth place in the App Store free list on the first day

Release time:2021-03-12 16:10

On March 11, the first product in 2021, New Three Kingdoms For Honor  , which was exclusively represented by Rastar Games in Japan, was officially launched, and won the fourth place in the free list of Apple App Store games in Japan on the first day.

New Three Kingdoms For Honor is a war strategy game with the background of Three Kingdoms, showing magnificent realistic style. The main plot of the game is that players are in the troubled times of the Three Kingdoms. They have to form alliances in the game to emerge and capture Luoyang. In the game, players can build their own main city, recruit and train military commanders, and experience the fun of cultivation. Or they can build alliances with other players, expand the territory and complete the great cause of unifying the Central Plains in the Han Dynasty.

Rastar Games shoulders the development mission of cultural enterprises, faithfully inherits and carries forward excellent Chinese traditional culture. It promotes Chinese culture to the world by taking high-quality games as the carrier. In the future, Rastar Games will continue to deepen its international layout, focus on the overseas export of Chinese culture and increase the share of its game products in overseas markets.