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Xinghui Teamtop rated among “Top 30 Guangzhou Cultural Enterprises in 2020

Release time:2020-11-23 18:05

2020 Guangzhou Cultural Fair kicked off on November 22, 2020 and Guangdong Xinghui Teamtop Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rastar Group (stock code is 300043), was found on the list of the “Top 30 Guangzhou Cultural Enterprises in 2020 which was released at the opening ceremony.
Coordinated by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and organized and implemented by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, the 2020
Guangzhou Cultural Fair focuses on the new economy of culture and tourism with the theme of "Culture-tourism Integration, Business Innovation, and Co-construction of Bay Area" and covers 10 major sections: industry summit, film, television & performing arts, art transaction, animation game, cultural creativity, cultural equipment, comprehensive transaction and culture & tourism forum.
The “Guangzhou Cultural Enterprises” selection is a major event of the annual cultural exchange, aiming to discover and foster a group of backbone cultural enterprises with strong competitiveness and influence, make the cultural industry more scale-oriented, more intensive and more international, accelerate the high-quality development of Guangzhou’s cultural industry and build a cultural industry index system with Guangzhou characteristics. In this selection, enterprises were subject to inspections in respect of their corporate scale, social benefits, profitability, operational capabilities, development capabilities, input & output, innovation capabilities and compliance. The final list was confirmed after a series of procedures including preliminary research, industry recommendation, confirmation of the candidate list, regulatory review, organization of expert review and media publicity.
Always sticking to “find health and happiness everywhere” as the corporate philosophy, Rastar insists on carrying out culture and sports businesses including innovative games, football clubs and toys and developing comprehensive entertainment products that will help “strengthen cultural confidence, promote Chinese spirit and tell Chinese stories”.
In the future, tasked with “building the mainstream and positive cultural core”, Rastar will assume the mission of developing cultural business, devotedly inherit and carry forward China's excellent traditional culture, and continue to provide users with high-quality content services and in-depth entertainment experience.