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Rastar Games shares game export experience in the CCTV interview

Release time:2020-01-30 19:07

On January 13, a game industry survey program was featured on the CCTV Finance Channel “Zhengdian Caijing” column, which presented special reports on hot issues like Game Governmental Approval, game export and 5G. Rastar Games under Rastar Group (stock code is 300043) accepted the CCTV interview as one of the listed companies in the game industry at home.
The increasingly strict supervision on the game industry has ensured sideways the orderly and refined development of the industry, and accelerated the export layout of Chinese game companies. As introduced by Mr. Chen Chuanghuang, CEO of Rastar Games, the ratio of the company's revenue from domestic and overseas businesses respectively was 9:1 in 2018, and this figure changed to 7:3 in 2019. The company's future target is to reduce this ratio to 5:5.
Insiders say that new technologies including 5G will be the most important factors to drive the game industry’s development. Taking advantage of the huge increase in network bandwidth and response speed enabled by 5G, Rastar Games has launched a variety of hardcore mobile games and H5 games to keep promoting the innovation and upgrade of game products.
It is predicted that driven by new technologies including 5G, the size of the Cloud Gaming market in 2023 will be approaching to 100 billion yuan. Rastar Games has begun to explore the Cloud Gaming mode, including carrying out the adaptation test on the ancient historical strategy mobile game The Legend of Three Kingdoms—Works of King, launching the Cloud Gaming platform "Joy and Fun" under Tencent Games, and exploring the cloud mode of war strategy games.
In the future, Rastar Games will keep track of the changes and development of the market and technology, apply emerging technologies including 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to its business development strategy, devotedly inherit and carry forward China's excellent traditional culture, and continue to provide users with high-quality content services and in-depth entertainment experience and deliver happiness everywhere.