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CIEF held online for the 3rd time – Rastar Toys rolls out its new products

Release time:2021-04-15 10:09

The 129th China Import and Export Fair (CIEF) lasted for 10 days from 15th to 24th April. There were about 26,000 online exhibitors at home and abroad, and buyers from more than 220 countries/regions registering for the exhibition. This has maintained the trade exchanges between Chinese and foreign enterprises, stabilized the bedrock of foreign trade and investment, and made positive contributions to the industrial chain and supply chain of foreign trade. As one of the famous enterprises in China, Rastar Group (stock code is 300043) has participated in CIEF for years. This is the third time that CIEF is held online, which will better play the platform’s role in opening up comprehensively to the outside world, leverage the two markets and two resources at a higher level to promote stable improvement and innovative development of foreign trade, and help build a new development pattern. Adhering to "find health and happiness everywhere" as its belief, Rastar released a diversity of new products online and presented the corporate brand and toy products to customers around the world.
Boasting a diversity of product lines, Rastar Toys has sold more than 400 high-quality toys to 120 countries/regions, and has been authorized by more than accumulative 35 world-renowned car companies. In addition, it has been the exclusive global licensee of BMW's dynamic car models and children's bicycle products for 10 consecutive years, and it is also an important partner of Ferrari and Land Rover.

Rastar selected 220 products for CIEF, including dynamic and static car models and outdoor riding products exclusively authorized by BMW, electric ride-on authorized by Ferrari, Pagani Huayra BC educational assembled building block car, and intelligent robot toys including Space Dinosaur and Smart Fast Dragon.
At CIEF, in addition to the display of products on static pages, Rastar Toys also used videos to explain its products, introduced and demonstrated their performance in detail based on the classification of exhibits. During the exhibition, the staff answered questions online to maintain good and effective communication, so that global merchants could learn about Rastar Toy's cutting-edge new toys and technological innovations at close range without leaving their offices.
CIEF comprehensively strengthens the investment promotion, optimizes the layout of the international market, and presents global buyers with a feast of Made in China and Innovated in China.

Subject to the impact of COVID-19, the global economy has been severely slowed down. Rastar Toys said that in the future it will try more proactively to enhance its brand effect via such platforms as CIEF, keep track of the changes and development of the market and technology, inherit and carry forward China's excellent traditional culture, develop innovative cultural products, and build intellectual property protection to enhance its core competitiveness.