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Rastar presented at the 130th China Import and Export Fair

Release time:2021-10-15 15:00

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in Guangzhou from October 15-19, providing the first integration of offline and online exhibitions. The Canton Fair is the world's largest trade event under the epidemic situation, with 51 exhibition zones in accordance with 16 major categories of commodities, approximately 7,800 enterprises attending offline exhibitions and 26,000 enterprises and global purchasers attending exhibitions online.

Being one of the leading brand enterprises in China, Rastar Group attended the Canton Fair once again, with a total of 10 special exhibition booths located in Hall 9.3, A13-17 and B8-12 of the Canton Fair.



At the same time, Rastar built a virtual showroom on the Internet, creating unique display scenarios through 3D displays and live streaming, so that global traders could experience Rastar's cutting-edge products and technological innovations in an immersive way.


Shantou leaders came to the booth of Rastar Group in CIEF to encourage the development of the company

On October 15, Mr. Zhao Zhitao, Deputy Mayor of Shantou City, and his entourage visited Rastar's exhibition booth at the China Import and Export Fair. The person in charge of Rastar's toy business introduced the basic situation of the company and demonstrated a number of new toys integrating intelligent technology.

Zhao Zhitao, Deputy Mayor of Shantou, gained an in-depth understanding of the development of Rastar's toy business and market feedback, praised highly on the development of Rastar, and carefully inspected the exhibits such as Rastar's licensed car models and BMW exclusive global licensed products. He encouraged Rastar to intensify the efforts in research and development of new products and technologies, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, expand the construction of its own brand, explore diversified markets and strive to cultivate new competitive advantages for the enterprise.


Zhao Zhitao, Deputy Mayor of Shantou (second from right) and his entourage visited Rastar's exhibition booth at the China Import and Export Fair.


Zhang Zhijun, member of the party group and deputy director of Chenghai District in Shantou City (first from left) visited Rastar's exhibition booth at the China Import and Export Fair.


Integrating into the new "Double Circulation" pattern and exploring domestic and international markets.

With more than 20 years of development, Rastar Group has become a leading representative of high-quality manufacturing in China and a globally renowned toy brand, with its business covering toys and maternal and infant product lines. With a diversified product line and a total of more than 400 quality toy products exported to 120 countries and regions, Rastar Group has cumulatively been licensed by more than 35 world-famous car companies and has trademark intellectual property rights in 90 countries and regions. Rastar has also been the sole global licensee of BMW's dynamic car models and children's bicycle series products for ten consecutive years, and is also an important partner of Ferrari and Land Rover.


In the context of building a "Double Circulation" pattern, Rastar actively explored the path of domestic sales of goods originally produced for export. In accordance with the theme of the 130th Canton Fair "Promoting Domestic and International Double Circulation", Rastar fully integrated the two different forms of offline and online exhibitions. On one hand, Rastar continued to utilize the advantages of the online exhibition, which is efficient in connecting with the world without time limitation, to attract more high-quality overseas purchasers to attend the fair online by displaying more quality products, so as to explore the international market and open up new business channels. Moreover, Rastar also actively participated in the resumed offline exhibitions to explore domestic business opportunities and develop the domestic market.



Exhibition of products online and promotion of orders offline


At the Canton Fair this year, Rastar selected a dozen of new products of authorized car models and infant lines, as well as over a hundred kinds of other hot-selling products to exhibit offline, striving to meet the needs of various purchasers. Among them, Rastar's BMW car models and bicycles are the products exclusively authorized by BMW, which are highly concerned and favored by the market.




The person in charge of Rastar's toy business said that the company attaches great importance to the recently resumed Canton Fair offline exhibition. “From the layout of our exhibition booth to the selection of exhibited products, we prepared with great effort and paid much attention to the prevention and control of epidemics during the whole process. We really value the opportunity for face-to-face interaction and hope to accurately match the demands of potential purchasers and conclude more cooperation possibilities.”


Since the 127th online Canton Fair, Rastar has participated in the online fair three times. In this year's Canton Fair, in addition to attending the fair's online exhibition platform as usual, Rastar also continued to engage in the new product launch activities set up by the official Canton Fair live broadcast studio to attract and promote new products. With the help of the Canton Fair "cloud" platform, Rastar showcased its products, promoted its corporate image and gave new and existing customers a more comprehensive view of Rastar.


In addition, Rastar Group also simulcast online to introduce and demonstrate the features of the products in detail according to the classification of the exhibited products. During the live broadcast, traders from all over the world can also ask questions at any time and the staff can answer them online instantly to ensure smooth and effective communication.


The Canton Fair is known as the "barometer" and "weather vane" of China's foreign trade. Rastar has always valued and actively participated in this important trade platform, Canton Fair, fully displaying its products and corporate image, and actively developing domestic and international markets.


In the future, Rastar will focus on market demand and keep on innovating in technology, expand new categories of maternal and infant toys sequentially, continuously promote product technological innovation. Moreover, Rastar will enhance the additional value of its products, demonstrate stronger competitiveness and polish the business card of Made in China through the seamless globalization of its globalized physical sales system and large e-commerce platform.