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Battlefield Without Borders won "The Most Anticipated Mobile Online Game by Players"

Release time:2022-12-13 17:35

On December 29th, the award winners of the 2022 Outstanding Game Award Competition (Golden Plume Award) were officially announced, and Rastar's product Battlefield Without Borders won the "The Most Anticipated Mobile Online Game by Players".



The Golden Plume Award is the most valuable annual awards event in the Chinese game industry and is known as the "Oscars" in the game industry.The Golden Plume Award encourages game companies to keep bringing new products to game lovers, while also reflecting game players' satisfaction with game products, and bringing significant market orientation and influence to the game industry.


Battlefield Without Borders, developed by Rastar and to be exclusively distributed by Tencent in the Chinese mainland, has been granted a domestic ISBN code in July 2022. It is an ancient-style historical strategy game in the context of the Three Kingdoms, with major breakthroughs and innovations in technology, gameplay and player-social interaction. Battlefield Without Borders creates a realistic, true-to-life ancient Three Kingdoms world for players, enhancing their immersive experience in all aspects of the game.