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Rastar Games' self-developed Three Kingdoms strategy mobile game Battlefield without Borders launched on all platforms

Release time:2023-08-24 12:32


On 24th August 2023, Battlefield Without Borders, a realistic real-time strategy mobile game based on a big world in Three Kingdoms developed by Rastar Games and distributed by Tencent, was launched on all platforms! After multiple rounds of testing and reputation accumulating, the expectation score of Battlefield without Borders on TapTap is up to 9.2 points (out of 10 points).



Innovation of gameplay in multi-dimensions to enhance the player's immersive experience in all aspects

The main storyline of Battlefield without Borders is based on the Three Kingdoms and continues throughout the game. The high-quality plot CG will immerse the player into the story and the game world, and write a magnificent poem with the famous generals of the Three Kingdoms.

Battlefield without Borders reforms and upgrades boldly from multiple perspectives, with the intention of creating a real Three Kingdoms world, and enhancing the immersive experience of players in the game in all aspects. Especially in the aspects of production technology, gameplay and player socialization, it has a significant level of breakthroughs and innovations, such as pioneering the village construction gameplay in the game, building one's own village and progressing from a wasteland to a prosperous one. Players will also be exposed to a realistic 3D world, where they can utilize the time of day (changes in the seasons, days and weather) and the location of the land (mountains, rivers, plains and deserts) to deploy their troops. Players can also alter the route of their troops at any time by dragging, and apply real-time operations such as ambushes and dodging.


In order to make the world of the Three Kingdoms more authentic and vivid, and to inherit the history and culture more effectively, Battlefield without Borders has partnered with the Jingzhou Museum to carry out digital cultural creation collaboration. Lacquered wood-painted tiger-seated phoenix-hung drum, bronze tripod, "Bing Pi Tai Sui" bronze dagger and other ten Jingzhou Museum collections of treasures are implanted in the game, so that the cultural and historical knowledge can empower the game based on the Three Kingdoms period, leading players to discover and explore the story of the heritage.


The development team of Battlefield without Borders uses the Unreal Engine, Digital Twin and other cutting-edge digital technology to restore every detail of the cultural relics, connecting them with the plot and gameplay, so that young players can access and even own the digital collection of treasures in the immersive gaming experience and explore the stories underlying the cultural relics, which will really make the cultural relics alive and promote the inheritance of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.


Jingzhou Daily reported on the collaboration between Jingzhou Museum and Battlefield without Borders.


In the future, Rastar will pursue the strategic layout of "product serialization, market internationalization and distribution branding", create game products that are rich in the core of advanced culture of "mainstream and positive energy". Through the dual drive of development and distribution business, while continuing to cultivate strategy, idle games and other categories, Rastar will actively explore innovative categories and products, continuously improve user experience and core competitiveness of products to meet different dimensions of game consumption demand.