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Rastar's MapleStory R: Evolution (Adventure Island IP) launched in Southeast Asia and ranked No.1 on the best-selling and free game rankings in many countries

Release time:2023-08-08 19:30

MapleStory R: Evolution, a game independently developed by Rastar Games and licensed by Korean NEXON's Adventure Island IP, was officially launched in Southeast Asia on July 27th 2023, and won the Top 1 of iOS free game ranking in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Top 1 of best-selling game ranking in Singapore for ten days, Top 2 of best-selling game ranking in Thailand and Malaysia, Top 1 of Google Play free game ranking in Thailand and Singapore, and Top 2 of best-selling game ranking in Singapore.



As a work inherited from the classic IP, MapleStory R: Evolution is an action RPG mobile game developed with great dedication by Rastar, which highly recreates the classical scene and conveys the gaming experience of "Fun New Adventure, No Limit to Play".


MapleStory R: Evolution focuses on localized development and operation, inviting spokespersons in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand to promote the game with the localized theme song + "level up for fun".


Rastar has accumulated rich experience in product development and operation of Adventure Island IP. In September 2021, MapleStory R, which was independently developed by Rastar, was officially launched in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and reached Top 1 on the iOS best-selling and free game ranking in Taiwan, and occupied the position of Top 1 iOS free game ranking in Taiwan market for 19 days.


In recent years, Rastar has actively arranged the overseas distribution and operation of mobile games. By combining local languages, cultures and player preferences to achieve highly localized development and operation of game products, Rastar is committed to providing high-quality content services and in-depth entertainment experiences for players around the globe, and to making happiness everywhere.