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Rastar Games Launches Full-Platform Open Beta for Self-Developed "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance"

Release time:2024-06-11 16:56

 On January 24, the full-platform open beta for "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance," developed and published by Rastar Games with official authorization from NEXON, officially commenced. This new mobile game, designed for easy one-handed play, has generated significant anticipation among veteran players of the original "MapleStory" online game.


Since the announcement of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance," the game has been eagerly awaited by "MapleStory" enthusiasts, including top Chinese player Chesnougat (fondly referred to as "Tong C") and the top Korean player Pangeyo (fondly referred to as "Korea's No. 1 Adele"). Both players participated in the game's beta tests and gave it high praise.


The open beta of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" is packed with features and offers high-quality gameplay. While it retains the classic maps and job systems of the original "MapleStory," it innovates with vertical screen operation and single-touch controls that allow players to perform various interactions easily. The new idle gameplay mode enables adventurers to earn rich resources even while offline.


In a livestream, Chesnougat, who excels with the Thief class, and Pangeyo, who favors the Warrior class, expressed their excitement about the game. They highlighted how "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance" preserves the classic elements of "MapleStory" while providing a fresh and light gameplay experience. Their battles in the "Mask Party" battleground, which requires no equipment and focuses entirely on skill, showcased thrilling and intense clashes that delighted viewers.


The game offers a variety of PVE content and simplified systems to meet players' needs for personalized equipment customization. It also features numerous casual gameplay options and fashionable items, allowing players to easily achieve their style goals.


Recently, Rastar Games announced a partnership with Huawei Game Center to develop a HarmonyOS native version of "MapleStory: Will of the Alliance," infusing this classic IP with native power. 


In the future, Rastar Games will continue to deepen its IP resource reserves, maintain high-quality standards, and adhere to the strategic layout of " product serialization, market internationalization and distribution branding." The company is committed to enhancing user experience and product competitiveness, providing users with high-quality content services and immersive entertainment experiences.