Won the second place in the national "Wind Chasing League"! The female football team of Dafang County, which is supported by Rastar, has achieved another success!

Release Time:2023-05-25 15:00


Recently, Yuanbao female football team from Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province, which is supported by Rastar Games, has achieved another success and won second place in the national "Wind Chasing League".



It is understood that "Looking for 2022 Asian Games dreams/ realizing dreams for the village campus female football - the first chasing the wind league finals 2023" is the first national village campus female football league, which attracted 35 village campus female football teams to participate in the early stage. After the previous fierce competition in three large districts and 71 sectional matches, Yuanbao female football team eventually won the second place in the national finals.



In August 2021, under the guidance of Rural Revitalization Bureau of Tianhe District, Tianhe District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Tianhe District Charity Association, and Guangdong-Guizhou Collaboration Team, Bijie Working Group, Dafang Group, Rastar launched the "Rastar Football Youngsters" project in Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. Rastar planned to donate 3 million RMB in 3 years to care for the healthy growth of children in mountainous areas through the establishment of Rastar nutritional meals, caring subsidies for football youngsters, scholarships, etc., to escort the children's football dreams and contribute to the orderly promotion of the East-West collaboration.


In the coming years, while pursuing high-quality development, Rastar will continue to actively carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation in solidarity and mutual assistance, helping the poor and the needy. Rastar will also fulfill its social responsibility in the aspects of supporting education, guarding children's spirits, counterpart assistance, and countryside revitalization, and will contribute more to the overall construction of a modernized socialist country, and to the overall advancement of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.