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Rastar Group released the 2019 Semi-annual Report: 1.123 billion earned

Release time:2019-08-29 19:48

Rastar Group (A-share Stock Code: 300043, hereinafter referred to as Rastar) officially released the 2019 Semi-annual Report. In the first half of 2019, Rastar earned revenue of 1.123 billion RMB and a net profit of 126 million RMB for its parent company.



Football Club Growing Steadily, Gaining More Competitive Advantages


In the first half of 2019, Rastar Football Club has earned 462 million RMB in its main business sectors with a net profit of 48 million RMB. RCD Espanyol ranked seventh with 53 points in the 2018/19 season of La Liga and won its place in the 2019/20 season of the UEFA Cup. As of July 2019, according to the data from a German transfer market website, the total value of RCD Espanyol players has reached 181 million euros.



The teenager training camp of RCD Espanyol De Barcelona is well-known across Europe with its outstanding experience and strengths. In the 19th Mediterranean International Cup held in Spain, RCD Espanyol won five championships and one runner-up. At present, the Academy has produced nearly 20 players for all categories of the Spain national teams. In January 2019, Chinese player Wu Lei officially joined RCD Espanyol, and scored a goal in the 26th round of La Liga, making history with the first Chinese goal in the Spanish League.



According to relevant media reports, more than 350 million people have visited the La Liga website for the news about Wu Lei's landing, and more than 40 million fans have watched Wu Lei's first game side RCD Espanyol.



As one of the symbols of football culture that known to the whole world, RCD Espanyol has become an important bond between Chinese and Western cultures. La Liga Chairman Tebas has repeatedly expressed his recognition and compliments to Wu Lei for his performance and influence in La Liga, and his expectation for more Chinese players to join La Liga. When met with RCD Espanyol's management and players, Lu Fan, Chinese Ambassador to Spain, and Lin Nan, Consul General of China in Barcelona, encouraged Wu Lei to train hard and strive for success to honor the motherland.


Exploring gaming segments, achieving continuous growth in overseas market


In the first half of 2019, the revenue of Rastar's main gaming business stood at 377 million RMB with a net profit of 83 million RMB, up by 26.38%; the overseas gaming business earned a revenue of 126 million RMB, registering an increase of 33.28%. The trading volume in the overseas market reached 408 million RMB, up by 7.56% year-on-year, accounting for 37.84% of the total volume.



Rastar Games continues to improve its strategic layout for the gaming sector, developing serializing products, international market and branded games, and diving deeply into market segments such as SLG strategy and animated games, aiming to consolidate its leading position in gaming R&D and operation in these niche markets. Through product serialization, Rastar Games is able to produce high-quality games continuously and also seek breakthroughs along the way. With the overseas operation, brand building and systematic management, Rastar Game strives to make unceasing efforts to polish its games.


Rastar Games has plentiful new products waiting to be launched at home and abroad, including archaistic war strategy mobile games Mobile Raid and Kings of Doomsday, archaistic myth mobile game Destiny Assault, archaistic 3D card game Million Arthur, archaistic classic fantasy game Fancy Realm, and archaistic female-oriented mobile game The Throne of Dames.



Rastar Games proactively explores cloud gaming with an effort to seize the development opportunities coming with 5G. At present, Legend of Three Kingdoms: Overlord has been put on test for cloud gaming service. Apart from that, Tencent Instant Play, a cloud gaming platform provided by Tencent Games will soon be launched to explore cloud war strategy games.



Towards a more innovative toy sector with more globally connected channels


Catering to the popularity of healthier and intelligentized toys in recent years, Rastar constantly optimizes the structure of its toy products and actively promotes technological innovation. In the first half of 2019, Rastar earned a revenue of 231 million RMB from the main business of the toy and derivative toy sector.



Rastar Toys has built a diversified product line portfolio, covering car models, children's bikes, electric baby carriages, smart toys, scooters, trolleys, etc. with more than 400 quality toy products being exported to over 120 countries and regions.  Rastar Toys possesses the intellectual property rights of the brand "RASTAR" in more than 50 countries and regions and this trademark has become a shining business card for Chinese toy brands in the global market.



Looking forward to the future, Rastar will keep in step with the changes and development of the market and technology by integrating the application of emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing into its business development strategy, inheriting and promoting outstanding traditional Chinese culture and developing innovative cultural products. With these efforts, Rastar is looking forward to improving user experience and products' core competitiveness, provide users with quality content services and in-depth entertainment experience so that all our users can live a healthy and happy life.