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New starting point and new journey,Rastar Center officially

Release time:2018-11-26 18:48

On November 26, 2018, Rastar Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Rastar Entertainment, A-stock code: 300043) built the headquarters of the office building, Rastar Center was officially unveiled at 122 Huangpu Road West, Guangzhou. Chairman Chen Yansheng and the company's senior management team attended the unveiling ceremony of the Rastar Center. All the employees in the Guangzhou area, such as games, toys, sports, and investment, have officially settled in the Xinghui Center, sharing the complementary resources of the industry and creating a bright future together.
Mr. Chen Yansheng (middle), Chairman of Rastar Entertainment and the company's senior management team attended the opening ceremony of Rastar Center
The Rastar Center has a total of 26 floors, with a total height of 114.95m and a total construction area of nearly 30,000 square meters. The Rastar Center is the core of the eastern part of the Pearl River New City CBD, the CBD of the Financial City and the “four horizontal and three vertical” urban road network of the Pazhou CBD. The business district is mature and the transportation is convenient.
 The Rastar Center integrates digital and intelligent, green open office, providing the platform for employees with a high-quality, efficient and convenient work and life service.
The new starting point, the new journey, and the headquarters carries the dream of the Rastar people officially set sail. Standing on the new platform of Rastar Center, Rastar Entertainment will integrate its game, toy, sports, investment and other industrial resources, and face the future with a new attitude and higher requirements, and continue to adhere to the development concept of “Shouzheng·Extraodinary”. Fulfill the company mission of “making health and happiness everywhere” and bring more in-depth entertainment experience to users.